What People Say

What People Say

(From a Facebook review)

Great place; small and inviting. Outstanding beers and service with a great local atmosphere. If you're in Reno you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Zach S.

(From a Yelp review)

Stoneyhead is a traditional modern industrial microbrewery with a small selection of very good beer. They have the traditional styles with some unique seasonal options. One unique option here is the mixing of two styles to create a special blend in your glass. I really enjoyed the Galena Gold Amber which had a very refreshing taste without being too excessive. They are relatively mild with the hops, which is also refreshing. I highly recommend seeking these guys out. They sell in limited distribution, but it is just much cooler to drink from the source as jets roar overhead.

Kristian D.

Sacramento, CA

(From a Yelp review)

Stopped by here on a whim. Beertender was great, told us other places to visit in the area while allowing us to taste all of their brews as well as some beer blends. My husband is serious about his beer and bought a four pack to enjoy later, which days a lot.  Me? I enjoyed their popcorn way too much!  So full!

Brenda S.

Sunnyvale, CA

(From a post on our Facebook page)

I have 6 handles from Stoney Head and they all sell. Bringing you guys to Vegas was huge for me. I live on the decisions I make concerning product and I, my guests love your beers, period.

Stephan Galdau

OWL Las Vegas